5 Reasons you NEED to try Jiu Jitsu this year

5 Reasons you NEED to try Jiu Jitsu this year

By now you have probably heard about the benefits of Jiu Jitsu for confidence, health, and self-defense. This January, we are making it easier than ever for you and your family to discover all of the amazing benefits of Gracie Jiu Jitsu

So here are 5 reasons you need to try Jiu Jitsu this year:

<b>1. Get street ready in less than a year</b>

The Gracie university programs are designed for <i>anyone</i> to defend themselves against a larger, more aggressive attacker.
<b>Gracie Combatives adult program:</b> defend yourself against 99% of street fight attacks with just 36 techniques.
<b>Women Empowered:</b> 15 techniques specifically designed to stay safe in a sexual assault situation.
<b>Gracie Bullyproof kids program:</b> Anti-bullying, anti-abduction, &amp; character building techniques for kids 5-14 taught with fun games to keep kids engaged.

<b>2. No Experience Necessary</b>

Our structured curriculum is designed so you start in at any time with no experience. We strive to create a safe and cooperative environment so you can start learning from day one without the fear of embarrassment or injury.

<b>3. Online Access</b>

Retaining new information can be challenging. Every student at our school gets access to the Gracie University online video platform. Every technique is meticulously presented by Ryron and Renner Gracie so you can review techniques before or after class or study at home.

<b>4. Jiu Jitsu feeds the body </b><i>and</i><b> mind</b>

If you ask anyone who has been practicing Jiu Jitsu, you’ll soon find that they can’t stop raving about all of the amazing benefits. For starters, Jiu Jitsu is an excellent physical workout. So many students begin to make healthier diet and lifestyle choices so they can bring their best selves to the mats. Jiu Jitsu also helps build unshakable confidence in your daily life. Learning how to stay cool under pressure on the mats helps you stay calm in tense situations in your life – whether at home, work, or even in traffic!

<b>5. Free Stuff!</b>

We offer a no pressure <b>10-day Free trial</b> for anyone who wants to see if Gracie Jiu Jitsu is a good fit for them. We’ll provide you with a free uniform to keep during your trial. If you sign up at the end of the trial, you keep the uniform for free! If you decided it doesn’t work with your schedule or is not for you for any reason, simply return the uniform and pay nothing.

Now you have <i>no excuses</i>!

If you want to learn more about any of our programs, click on one of the text links below.
Learn more about <a href=”/combatives”>Gracie Combatives</a>, <a href=”/women-empowered”>Women Empowered</a>, <a href=”/bullyproof”>Gracie Bullyproof</a>.

<b>You can also sign up for your free trial right here:</b>

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